California Retreat
California Retreat

If you’re a woman who’s tired of leaving your own needs for last, and in dire need of some serious self-care and clarity on what’s next, then join us in this sanctuary by the ocean, that will lift your life out of stagnation and mediocrity into new realms of deliciousness and delight.

November 3-6, 2022

Open your mind and heart, as you imagine this…

A gentle breeze caresses your face as you watch the glistening ocean waves roll into the beach of white soft sand. There’s a feeling of fall in the air, bringing a sense of freshness, and yet you feel wrapped in an embrace of perfect warmth. You smile… this is Southern California, after all.

As you sink deeper into the lounge chair, your body is finally letting go. A deep exhale of release moves through your being and you feel a new sense of softness and stillness arising. You realize that you have not felt this relaxed in years. Gratitude and joy swell up from within.

You chat with new friends over lunch, overlooking the beach. Mouthwatering locally sourced food smells divine, as it’s placed before you… and you know it’s as fresh as can be. While you eat, the sound of seagulls shrieking fills the air and proud pelicans pose for pictures.

Later that evening, as you stroll along the pier, nature is painting the sky in mesmerizing shades of purple, red and yellow… it’s breathtakingly beautiful. 

Suddenly you feel a fire, awaken within you, bright as the orange sun setting in front of you. It’s almost surprising, and you stop in your track to take it in. You always knew this power existed, but not how to access it… and here it is.

Welcome to a New You!

By the end of this retreat, you will have awakened your creative juices and dreams, given your inner child some play time, and been able to rest, while being uplifted and replenished, so you can return home with clarity on what a greater version of you looks like, and be ready to embark on the journey of becoming ‘her’!

On this grown woman’s time out, you will release old patterns of thinking that haven’t served you in years, so you can reignite your ability to clearly communicate your true needs.

While we’re together, through immersion in nature’s riches and limit-breaking experiences, you’ll heighten your awareness of abundance itself; within and around you, and learn to accept and receive what is naturally yours.

How wonderful would it feel to give yourself a pause, to let go and open up space for something new to arise, even if you don’t even know what this is… yet.

You’ve come to the right place.

Amazing. Tell me the tuition and...

By the end of the 4 days, you’ll have reconnected with the You that is in love with life, knowing that you are enough and that it’s ok to get what you want, so you once again feel inspired to create your heart’s desires.

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to move beyond that which feels stagnant and mediocre, leaving you feeling bubblier and more YOU than you’ve felt in years, together with a newfound empowering group of like-minded women.

We’re in this life together. In coming together on this Me-treat, a We-ness is arising. As we support each other through our individual experiences, wisdom, and reflections, a deeper understanding and connection are formed. Like they say… “a rising tide lifts all boats.”

It’s time to light your inner fire and thrive. Are you ready?

Is that inner voice starting to speak up, just about now, as you read?

  • I’m running on empty already, how would I even make this happen?
  • My calendar is full of events, supporting everyone and everything under the sun… there’s no time for something like this
  • I’ve done so many things, and nothing ever seems to make a difference.

Yeah, everyone has this voice, putting us down… but, is she the one in charge?

Hear the calling of a voice you might have forgotten, a voice that says things like…

… speaking my truth with love feels so good
… it’s ok to ask for help and receive it willingly and lovingly
… I can have what my heart desires
… laughing for no reason feels so wonderful, everything feels lighter and brighter when I do.

The time is now! Claim your life!

Listen to the voice of your true self and make the leap. It’s time to put yourself at the center of your own life. Only from there can you live an inspired and enriching life, while still being able to support and serve others.

Can’t do this alone? Do you feel lost at where to even begin? This retreat is made just for you!

I’m ready to up-level my life...

The Location

There’s no better place than the beach to lay down your worries, stress, and endless responsibilities, and instead, kick off your shoes, feel the sand between your toes and just be.

Oceanside, or O-Side as it is affectionately called by locals, is a quaint little coastal town, nestled right on the Pacific Ocean, with miles of white beaches and towering palm trees… a paradise still somewhat unknown to anyone but surfers.

Its stamp as a military town has matured into that of a location destination, revealing its true essence of a thriving community… much like the essence of your being will come unveiled.

Our amazing home away from home is steps away from the beach. Natural light and soft tones fill this condo, along with comfy furniture for you to lounge in. Imagine waking up to the sound of waves, with a faint scent of sea salt in the air… soon to be replaced by fresh coffee and a delicious breakfast, brought to us by our exceptional catering service.

The entire complex is yours to enjoy, creating a sacred and safe place for you to go deep. Enjoy a deep conversation with newfound friends, or a transformational process to reveal your innermost dreams and desires.

Whether you are taking a relaxing walk along the largest wooden pier on the west coast, kayaking in the harbor, or saying a prayer at the historical Mission San Luis Rey, O-side will inspire you to broaden your concept of a self-care lifestyle. Top it off with year-round dream weather, and your rebirth awaits!

It’s time to just be...

The Cuisine

Aaaah… fresh, fresher, freshest… Californian Cuisine at its best! Local access to fresh seafood and organic farmers makes for mouthwatering, healthy, and nourishing dishes. SoCal is also well known for offering a wide variety of products for food allergies, sensitivity, and dietary needs.

Prepare your palette for ‘Anything But Ordinary’, which is also the name of our fabulous caterer, who has created a special menu just for you.

Imagine a shrimp ceviche made from local fresh seafood, accompanied by a mouthwatering Southwestern veggie egg roll with an avocado sour cream dipping sauce, that will put a smile on your face, and your tummy sigh with delight.

Let all your senses dance with excitement over beef ginger-hoisin meatballs and tofu lettuce wraps with water chestnuts and a peanut dressing, served with a delicious coconut jasmine rice and of course local fresh veggies.

Surrender and allow the sweetness of life by enjoying the incredible Ginger-Matcha cheesecakes and other desserts, made with love to open your heart and senses wide open.

Our Journey

Please be aware that this is a tentative itinerary, subject to change. While the content will remain, the order and timing might be different, as we work in the flow of the moment.

What a joy, our adventure together has begun! It’s time to settle into your Californian lifestyle, pause, release, and bring back healthy self-care practices.

You’ll immediately feel cradled as you’re greeted by the crew, find your spot, and get all set up.

There’s nothing like a welcome reception and scrumptious dinner to break the ice and kick-start new relationships. Let’s get those connections and conversations going.

Then the fun begins! Bring your intentions, needs, and desires for the weekend to our circle time, a place for deep heart-to-heart reflection.

At some point, we’ll make sure you have a chance to catch your first spectacular sunset, then rest up and prepare for the adventures that await.

Each day you’ll greet the day with movement and meditation, setting the stage for a day of enjoyment and transformation. 

After a savory breakfast, the journey of self-discovery begins. You’ll learn to tame your pain, experience the power of surrender, and begin the process of transforming into the greater version of you!

It’s time for a delicious light lunch before you head out on your first excursion. Surrender is the theme of the day, first to go is your ‘need to know’. Land, sea, or air… it’s a surprise!

After your exhilarating adventure, you will have time to rest and unwind before dinner, and of course, catch another breathtaking sunset.

As the evening winds down, your self-awareness expands through reflection and sharing in the circle you’ve come to cherish. 

Your morning practice of movement and meditation feels wonderful in your body as it softens and is releasing held stress and tension, allowing space to create the new. Exhale!

As you discover your strengths and weaknesses, you start to find a healthier balance. Today the theme is wholeness and you’ll dive even deeper into self-care and love.

For your inner little girl, everything is possible and dreams do come true… so let’s bring her out to play as you set out on the excursion of the day. It’s another surprise that will take your surrender to yet another level.

With a heart full from today’s experiences, awakenings, and insights, nature’s natural beauty and bliss during the sunset circle, will bring everything full circle. You are home… home with yourself.

Waking up, you can’t believe this is the last day… you simply don’t want this to be over yet! Good news… it isn’t quite yet!

Your Sunday morning will bring the cherry to the pie, with a deep spiritual connection and like-hearted new friends who will expand your circle of support for many years to come.

The luscious Sunday Brunch will not only tickle your physical senses but tap into resources that will bring harmony and be a fountain of joy and fulfillment as you return home.

The time has come for the final goodbyes… for now.

On this retreat, you’ll have space to pause and reflect, so you can move past your limiting beliefs and learn to trust yourself again.

  • You’ll step into your power and know how to say no.
  • Burnout is replaced with a newfound sense of inspiration.
  • As confidence returns, you’ll say yes to yourself.
  • Your dreams come alive again and start to feel within reach.
  • You return as the main character of your life.

Bring on something new...

The Delights

In visiting Southern California, the beach is at the center of everything. With sunsets like nothing you’ve ever seen, your heart will be blown right open, releasing a wave of suppressed joy and freedom. 

Strolling along the beach, feeling the waves break over your feet, you might catch a glimpse of dolphin fins as a pod makes its way up the coast. Maybe their big brothers, the whales, will come along as well, blessing you with their tremendous grace and beauty.

Oceanside is often referred to as a hub, as it’s so centrally located, with access to activities of all kinds… be it with feet on the ground, in or on the water, or even in the air, spreading your wings

You too are as complex and rich in potential and opportunities.

Imagine the centuries-old beauty of Mission San Luis Rey, the King of Missions, where prayer permeates the walls, or the picturesque Oceanside Harbor Village, where you can get your strolling, shopping, wining, and dining desires fulfilled.

Take a leap and experience something you’ve never done before. Try kayaking, paddle boarding, or even diving in the active and lively Oceanside Harbor.

Maybe you want to spread your wings and fly higher than ever before… what better way than to “put on some wings” with parasailing or gliding, trampoline jumping, or even indoor/outdoor skydiving.

Break free from beliefs of what you can and cannot do, and make the impossible possible!

After all that activity and the deep transformation it brings, it’s time for integration and some R&R. Take a stroll on Oceanside Pier and enjoy how pelicans and fishermen share the catch. Marvel in the skill of the surfers, take in yet another unique sunset, or catch the rising of the moon.


To get ready for a transformation that lasts, you’ll enjoy at least two Zoom calls before the retreat begins. It’s also a great opportunity to meet the other amazing women that will be joining you.

Once the in-person journey is concluded, you’ll be able to stay connected with your new-found friends via a private Facebook group. Finding support and bringing back memories have never been so easy.

Share your progress and new life on our post-retreat call, and get inspired to take even more steps into your most mind-blowing future.

This looks incredible...

What’s Included

  • Four incredible days all-inclusive, you won’t need to take care of anything
  • Welcome reception to set the stage and start the rewinding
  • Lodging at our spacious beautiful condo for three nights
  • Dedicated secure parking in case you’re driving
  • A breakfast spread each morning that will awaken your tastebuds and jump-start your day
  • You’ll enjoy two mouthwatering healthy lunches
  • Three scrumptious and nutritional dinners will satisfy not only your body but also your senses
  • Snacks will be available at any time
  • A delicious Sunday brunch, as we prepare to adjourn
  • Several surprise excursions, where all fees are included
  • Daily teachings and materials are provided
  • A beautiful customized Gift Basket
  • Pictures for magical memories
  • Transportation to and from the venue while at the retreat
  • Who knows what other gifts and surprises will show up for you!

What’s Not Included

  • Your roundtrip transportation from home, including airport transportation
  • Personal extra expenses like shopping
  • Extra tips beyond gratuities charged for our group size
  • Personal, medical, or trip cancellation insurance
  • Refunds for activities you choose not to participate in

What you’ll walk away with…

On this retreat, you’ll set in motion a re-aligning of your daily habits…

…and the beliefs behind them,  through our shared experiences of self-care, awareness, and transformation, so that you can tap into your creative self-expression, and show up fully empowered feeling more centered and in flow.

  • You’ll no longer feel guilty saying NO
  • Honor your needs, so you can confidently stand in your power
  • Leave conformity behind, and stand with confidence in your decisions…
  • Live life purposely without excuses or apologies, feeling exciting
  • Awaken your creativity and sense of clarity about what’s next.

Trip Leaders

Hi there,

I’m Valerie Oakley, a child of God and your hostess/facilitator. I am the founder of Greater Works Health & Wellness Coaching, your one-stop space for all things health and wellness, personally and professionally

Health and wellness have been my passion for many years. For me, it is so deeply fulfilling to help others create wins in every aspect of their life! People who get to know me, notice my patience, calmness, and witty sense of humor.

I’m often told that I’m easy to talk to. I believe it comes from being an empath, my upbringing, and from raising a special needs son. I believe wholeness is life’s most worthwhile pursuit. To practice self-care and personal development, and then share with others is a way of honoring our Creator!

I love traveling, reading, learning, and enJOYing life, especially with my two sons!

Girl, Arise! Me-treats was born because I believe there is beauty, power, and healing in live group interaction. I believe a person who feels seen and heard is an empowered person, and every participant at this retreat deserves to be authentically seen.

Being a California native and UC Berkeley graduate (Go Bears!) I look forward to this Californian soul-stirring experience and I can’t wait to meet YOU!


I’m Rev. Cheryl Eastman, an ordained minister, author, and Transformational Life Coach. I’ll be co-facilitating your Me-treat in Oceanside.

I help women fully recover from devastating breakups, so they can get back to feeling worthy and attract the right life partner, using the Tame Your Pain strategy.

My focus is to empower and encourage women to live above fear, break free from restrictive mindsets, and pursue their dreams and aspirations, and kingdom promises.

I’m the founder of True Source Christian Coaching and Wailing Warriors Women’s Ministries and Certified as a transformational life coach.

I’m Dr. Josephine Harris (“Dr. Jo”), is a mental health expert, who empowers and inspires women, particularly military spouses with the honor to equip you will the tools you need to navigate through life challenges with self-direction, which includes the principles of recovery, independence, self-sufficiency, and promotes personal choice and control.

Dr Jo is the CEO/Founder of Calming Minds LLC, a Certified Green Heart Mental Health Coach and Advocate, a Board Certified Telehealth Professional Level I, a Credentialed Victim Advocate(I) and a Psychologist at Seoul Counseling Center.

I am Cassandra Gamblin, Your Friendly Mary Kay Lady!

I specialize in skin care education and makeup application as a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant.

I help the everyday woman feel good, by pampering herself with my complimentary skincare and makeup consultations.

I am passionate about enriching women’s lives, living by the Golden Rule, and operating my business on the life principles of Faith First, Family Second, and Career Third.

I am Heather Tucker, a Certified Christian Sex Coach for Women.

I am a 2x Best Selling Author with my books “Damn You Weight Loss Plateaus” that will help you get your sexy back after having kids & “Why Doesn’t My Husband Want Me?” that will help you avoid & overcome a sexless marriage.

I am the Creator of the “SEXify Her” program that will help you overcome religious sexual shame, release your sexy confidence, female sexuality & empowerment into your lives & relationships.

I have been married to my husband Chuck for 21 years, during which we overcame a 12 year sexless marriage, is a mom to 3 boys and a first time grandma to 1 grandson.

I am Larisa Harrington, PCC, C-IAYT is an Executive Wellbeing Coach, Consultant and Trainer specializing in mindfulness, burnout recovery and prevention, emotional intelligence and trauma healing for purpose-driven professionals, teams and organizations.

My passion is empowering kind-hearted impact makers, like you, do more of what you love without burning out. I help you create a life you love, while prioritizing your work, health and relationships.

D’Lightful Creations

I can’t wait to join you in Oceanside...

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I cannot afford this?
This is not your regular trip…. It is an investment in YOU. A more important question would be… How can I afford to not do this?

The training alone is worth the price of this retreat, and it’ll make a tremendous difference in how you navigate your life moving forward.

Please know payment plans are available, and we’ll do what we can to accommodate your needs.

How can I take time for this?
I understand – busy women are busy getting things done. You are already very good at getting multiple things done, all the time.

That is exactly the reason to take time and focus off all the THINGS and pour into YOU.

This is an opportunity to interrupt the norm, restore what serves and replenishes your soul, and simply BE.

The inner stillness you find will guide and support you, as you return to the business of life.

Can I stay longer?
Now we’re talking. As a California native, I’d love for you to enjoy this beautiful state for as long as possible!

If you have a late flight, you can stay on Sunday as long as needed. The retreat is officially adjourned at 4 pm PST on November 6.

The next retreat date for 2023 will be announced, and you will have the option to join us again!

If you are looking to extend your stay on either end of your trip we are happy to offer suggestions and recommendations!

How do I get to Oceanside?

Oceanside is located between Los Angeles (LAX) and San Diego (SAN), with John Wayne Orange County (MGJ) as a third option to fly into. 

The area offers a variety of ground transportation, and the nearest train station is 1.4 miles from the venue. (This transportation is not included).

If you want to take in the famous highway 1 and enjoy the California coastline and decide to drive, your vehicle will rest securely in our own garage when you arrive. 

The precise venue address will be shared as soon as you register, so you can plan accordingly. 

Once you arrive and get settled, EXHALE and get ready to meet YOU!


Can you accommodate my dietary needs?
Yes, we’re happy to!

Let us know your needs and preferences, and we’ll take care of you.

Please make sure to clearly state any actual allergies.

I’m unsure about traveling with people I don’t know.
Oh… no need to worry about this, at all! Your Me-treat starts as soon as you register. You’ll get to know everyone through the private Facebook group with all retreat participants.

You will have plenty of time to connect with other women, start building relationships, and share dreams and excitement about the upcoming trip!

On top of that, there will be at least two meet and greet sessions via Zoom to allow you time to break the ice and get to know who will be joining you.

The group is small and intimate and the space is private. Rest assured, this is a safe space for you to be YOU.

Do I have to participate in everything?
Of course not! You are always in control of your own choices.

Every aspect of this journey has been selected and arranged with a greater purpose and mission in mind, assisting you in the transformation you desire.

However, we all are masters of our journey, and you can opt-out of any experience. Please note, that there will not be any monetary credits made for opting out of scheduled activities.

You always have the choice to use your time as you feel fit.

Can I bring my partner, kids, or pets?
This special experience is created with 12 extraordinary women in mind. Women like YOU, who are ready to take a break from obligations and say YES to taking time just for themselves.

Your partner, kids, and pets will be better, when you return a better, replenished YOU.

Do you offer transportation from the airport?
Once you arrive at the venue, everything is included. However, getting there is up to you.

There are a variety of services at your fingertips; Airport shuttles, taxis, Uber or Lyft, trains (the Amtrak station is minutes away), etc.

If you are close enough to drive, or if you rent a car, there are 5 garages on site.

Do I need to be vaccinated?
We do recommend vaccination, but it is not a requirement, along with a negative rapid test prior to attending the retreat.

If you are not vaccinated, please request a private room, or share with someone else who is not. You will also need to wear a mask.

We will all have masks available, and a few rapid tests on hand.

Dear busy woman,

This trip was designed especially for you. You need and deserve a time out. I see you. I WAS you for many years.

You’ve perhaps been on vacation and treated yourself occasionally with the usual feel-goods, but you’re ready to grow. Your life outside of what you’re used to is waiting for you! It’s time to go to the next level: Your next level of fulfillment, joy, love, health and well-being, and purpose. Your next level of YOU…

You are busy, but you were also created for more. Busy is great for getting things done, but it’s not great to run on empty or on anything but full. Sometimes less is the more you are seeking to do…sometimes surrendering is the most powerful and productive thing you can do to discover YOU…

Girl, Arise! Me-Treat is the experience that your 2022 has been waiting for!

There are only 12 slots, so reserve your spot today, make your travel arrangements, and get ready to meet YOU, as you’ve never met yourself before!

It’s time to say yes to more!

There are only 12 slots, so reserve your spot today, make your travel arrangements, and get ready to meet YOU, as you’ve never met yourself before!

Contact Us

Registration Coordinator: Valerie Oakley

Phone: 925-206-8274 (leave message)

Website: Greater Works Health & Wellness Coaching, LLC



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